A global collaboration of 31 incredible artists coming together to create a limited 1/1 charity collection.

We've teamed up with one of the world's leading charities—She's the First—that fights gender inequality through education to harness the power of community through NFTs.

The collection—depicting girls with megaphones—promotes the charity and their mission to ensure girls everywhere are educated, respected, and heard.

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Artists' Brief

Project Title

Get Loud for Girls

Short Description

Get Loud for Girls is a limited 1/1 NFT art collection made by Top Dog Beach Club exclusively for She’s the First. The collection will be launched and managed by Top Dog Beach Club.

The Charity

STF is a global girls' rights non-profit that fights for a world where every girl is educated, respected, and heard; they team up with community-based organizations, reaching 138,000 girls in 26+ countries every year.

Earlier this year, Top Dog Beach Club donated $13,000+ to STF. Other big names in the NFT space such as World of Women, Pyro World, and Panda World have donated to this worthy cause. For an organization of STF's size (under $2M annual revenue), our contributions are making a difference.

The Art

We’re asking artists to create 1 x digital piece which:

  • Depicts a girl
  • Depicts a megaphone
  • Conveys the girl in a positive way and presents her as powerful
  • Is inspired by the Girls’ Bill of Rights: https://www.girlsbillofrights.org/
  • Is 3000x3000 DPI @ 300 PPI (square)
  • Can be a physical piece converted to digital.


  • The drops will start in January 2022 and will take place as auctions on OpenSea
  • To ensure there is time to appreciate each piece, no more than one artist’s work will be dropped on one day.
  • To facilitate this, when an artist agrees to participate, they will be asked to pick a day in January.


Being featured in a charity collection alongside other successful artists is an opportunity to give something to a great cause and simultaneously raise your profile as an artist. This is, in itself, valuable to many artists.

However, we want to make sure that all artists feel comfortable taking part, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, they will get to choose the amount of Ethereum they would like to claim from the primary sale, ranging from 0% to 50% max. The rest of the Ethereum from the primary sale and secondary sales will go to She’s the First.

If there is an additional physical piece which needs to be shipped to a successful bidder, the funds raised from the project will be used to compensate the artists upon proof of purchase, with a maximum amount of £40 USD. If any other costs are incurred for which you would like to be reimbursed, please contact abby@topdogbeachclub.com directly to discuss in advance.


If you would like to sign up then please DM Abby (@PixelLionArt) on Twitter.

The Top Dog Team ❤

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