TDBC are excited to announce our #SpookCATular Halloween Costume Competition!

We love Halloween, and what better way to celebrate in our community than to dress for the occasion? We've just added a pumpkin head for dogs and cats to get spooky with it in our Photoboothโ€”head on over there and try them out for size.

Contest Details

We want you to create a spooky digital costume for either a Top Cat or Top Dog and quote tweet our pinned announcement with the hashtag #SpookCATular to submit your entry. And you don't need to own a dog or a cat to enter ๐Ÿค.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Make sure it's available as a separate layer so it can be uploaded to the Photobooth as a stand-alone item.
  • Make sure it fits the character correctly. We recommend opening a full-sized image of one of our NFTs and drawing over that, hiding the NFT layer so your costume stands alone, then exporting as a png.
  • Make sure it is high resolution. Our art is 3000 x 3000 pixels in 300 DPI.
  • You may want to submit your entry modelled on a dog or cat so we'll contact you if we need the costume layer.
  • Your costume can be clothes, a hat, an item, necklace, or a new set of eyesโ€”as long as it's spooky! ๐Ÿ‘ป

The Prize?

A single winner will receive this spookcatular Top Cat #76 NFT worth around $500.

Top Cat #76

And the winning item will be added to the Photobooth so the community can "spook up" for Halloween.

The contest closes 28 October.

The Top Dog Team โค

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