Have you always dreamed of being the editor of a prestigious magazine? Us too! So we've partnered with the World of Women team to bring you the most glamorous contest in town. We are looking for some talented people to work for the glamorous "Vanity Fur" magazine *.

And the employee benefits are fantastic...

* This is not a real job posting and you are not applying for a position at Vanity Fur.


3 x Editors required.

Job Description:

Show us your graphic design skills by creating a cover page for the Vanity Fur magazine. In order to do so, you must use NFTs from the WoW and TDBC collections together (Top Dogs or Top Cats work). We've mocked up an example below:


And because you're a person of many talents—and an accomplished wordsmith—you will have to write an article to accompany your cover page (or a short piece of content). This can be a short biography about a Woman and her dog or anything that relates to this amazing power duo that fits the theme of the magazine—200 words maximum. Bonus points if you include visual elements in a nicely presented format and puns—we love a good pun! An article example below:


How to Apply:

  1. Tweet your Vanity Fur front cover and your article with the hashtag #VanityFur.

  2. Tag @worldofwomenft and @TopDogBeachClub.


Submit your application by November 16th.


All the participants that apply for this position will be rewarded with an exclusive drop—created by Abby and Yam themselves!

And depending on how well you do, you will be rewarded with:

  1. For 1st place: a WoW NFT and a Top Dog NFT
  2. For 2nd place: a Top Dog NFT
  3. For 3rd place: a Top Cat NFT

Recruitment Process:

Both WoW and TDBC will shortlist 6 entries each for a total of 12 entries.

Once the 12 entries have been selected, we will run a live YouTube finale stream with some special guests. They will be the ones who will be reading and sharing each entry. The judges will then rate each application from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest score). Once the points are totaled up, we'll announce the name of the future editor of Vanity Fur and their assistants.

Good luck!

The Top Dog Team ❤

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