It's been a little over 3 months since we published Roadmap 2.0 and a lot has happened since then. Here are some of our highlights between October to the end of 2021.

  • We introduced Top Dog Studios which separated our LaunchPad, Non-Fungible Vault, and other projects to ensure the messaging and focus of the Top Dog Beach Club and Top Cat Beach Club collections was clear and concise—especially across our socials.

  • We took the decision to move $SNAX off-chain as gas was prohibiting our innovation. This allowed us to create the $SNAX marketplace where holders can purchase pre-sale spots for upcoming drops (e.g., Eyes of Fashion and Meta Angels), NFTs (e.g., Smilesssvrs currently worth 1.64 ETH and Women Rise currently worth 1 ETH), and physical items (e.g., LEGO Lambos and VR headsets). We also introduced $SNAX staking rewards for delisted tokens, GameZone wins, VIPs, and based on your packs performance.

  • We launched our biggest charity initiative yet—Get Loud for Girls for girls' charity She's the First. This is an incredible global collaboration of 31 artists coming together to create art for our exclusive 1/1 charity collection. This project allowed us to build long-lasting relationships with some of the biggest names across the space. We saw Yahoo pickup the initiative and received bids from Reese Witherspoon's media company.

  • Our INCREDIBLE Non-Fungible Vault project that will preserve NFTs for 1,000 years. We'll be travelling to the world's northernmost city—Svalbard—with some of the biggest names (e.g., FVCKRENDER, Mad Dog Jones, the Boss Beauties team, etc) in the NFT space to create an NFT time capsule deep beneath an arctic mountain. Our strategic partnership with the Arctic World Archive means our NFT vault will be the only of it's kind in existence.

  • We partnered with World of Women to bring you the Vanity Fur contest. Winners received WoWs, Dogs, and Cats, and all entrants received a specially designed piece by Abby and Yam, which sold recently for 2.3 ETH.

  • The team expanded! We hired two more full-time staff in Jakub and Mohammed.

  • We explored the metaverse within Decentraland, creating our own art gallery to showcase "Get Loud for Girls" art pieces.

  • We dropped a new play-to-earn game, PawZone, and live streamed a bracket-style tournament.

  • For events, the team were in attendance for NFT.LDN (sponsored by Top Dogs) and Art Basel in Miami. The first ever Top Dog Grand Prix took place where holders could battle it out in ~70mph Go Karts near London. And our next meetup in Copenhagen is just weeks away.

  • And so much more!

Looking forward to 2022.

The team have been busy laying the groundwork and sowing the seeds for an incredible 2022. A lot of the work this year has allowed us to develop key relationships across the space from media companies, project founders, artists, influencers, brands, etc.

From our previous roadmap we have learned not to stretch ourselves too thin, therefore we are currently focused on the below four new projects for the first half of 2022.

🤝 Brand awareness, marketing, and partnerships

Our primary focus for the first half of this year is to refine our value proposition and ensure the Top Dog brand has a strong, consistent message. We need to own who we are and what we represent. We have started this already through Top Dog Studios, our rebrand, and in hiring Mohammed—our social media manager.

We are approaching and talking with multiple brands outside of the NFT space to form a commercial and strategic partnership. This is an absolute priority and focus for the leadership team and we will not rest until we have signed a big partnership.

We hope to release some exciting news soon but rest assured, we're pulling out all the stops.

📖 Story, lore, and narrative

Community is at the very heart of Top Dogs. Before we launched the Top Dog Beach Club collection, we asked the community to share pictures of their pets so that we could include certain personalities and traits as part of the collection. The Bandana is from Pio's dog, the Third Eye Glasses from DJ Sam F, and the Wooden Bow Tie from Ugly 2.0's pug.

Going back to our roots, we will be developing the Top Dog story with the community in a "build your own adventure" style gamification. The team will set the core narrative and direction but ask for the community to vote on key decisions throughout the story. This will happen through a "mini-DAO" where your NFTs will serve as your voting power.

Comic #3 will be released shortly, beginning your adventure.

There's trouble with the time machine again! Some dogs and cats were accidentally sucked in, and puppies and kittens have been spotted ... 👀

🪂 Artdrops via achievements

We have been developing an NFT-based reward system—think POAPs but for gaming style achievements. These achievements can be unlocked by holders who carry out certain tasks or hit certain milestones.


For example, owning at least one Top Dog will grant you the special "101 Dalmatians" bronze badge as an NFT. If you own 5 Top Dogs then your badge is upgraded to "silver". Owning 25 Top Dogs grants you the "gold" badge and a special claimable artdrop in the form of a cute, squidgy-faced Top Pup like this early sneak peak:


Or owning 1 Top Dog or Top Cat wearing a pink eth cap grants you another badge. Owning 3 upgrades your badge to silver. And owning 5 grants you the gold badge and a free physical eth cap delivered to your door.

We will launch with at least 12 different achievements, each having 5 tiers of badges (bronze through diamond) that will be airdropped to you via a Polygon NFT. All achievements will have a special claimable artdrop (e.g., a Top Pup via an Ethereum NFT) and/or a physical piece (e.g., a pink eth cap).

And of course, there will be cute little kittens for Top Cat related achievements.

Additionally, we will support achievements outside of the Top Dog ecosystem i.e., allowing anyone to claim an achievement based on the amount of gas they've spent. Or for owning a full set of Gutter species. Or for selling a BAYC under 1 ETH. Our vision for this project is to develop THE defacto NFT achievement system much like how POAPS are for digital ticket stubs and events. We're already in talks with multiple projects to bring this to life and are really excited about where this could lead.

💰 Advisory board and outside funding

We're in the early stages of building an advisory board that will provide strategic advice to the team and focus on "opening doors" to brands and big partnerships. We're speaking with a number of incredible individuals—in an outside of NFTs—and will release details as soon as we can.

We have started the process to hunt for outside funding via a seed round. Raising funds will allow us to grow quicker by hiring more people and increasing our marketing budget. This is in the early stages and we will share more information as we progress.

The Top Dog Team ❤

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